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Ndivhuho Rasengani - Sculptor, Designer and Creative Consultant

I utilise my Creative practice as a form of meditation, praise, and alignment.

Ndivhuho Rasengani is an AICAD Teaching Fellow at the School of Art Institute of Chicago.  He earned an MFA Sculpture in 2021 at Rhode Island School of Design and his Honours in Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 2018.


Rasengani is a home where I am able to experiment and integrate various design mediums. The premise of this house is to create wholesome connections between materials and artefacts for daily living.​ The sculptures, installations, and functional objects explore transfiguration and construction through deconstruction. There is an acute awareness and utilization of light as a material and change agent. There is a tendency to shift and reshape industrial materials and images in a way that underscores built-in narratives and creates new ones around Afrocentric histories and stories.

My next few designs are inclined to be products that form part of people's daily rituals. I will be working with local creatives and workshops in producing these beautiful pieces.

I am intentional about creating with the most integrity and joy. I hope you enjoy and thank you for being a partner in my growth.


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