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Move Child: Praise Dance

Directed by Ndivhuho Rasengani

Director of Videography: Peixuan Ouyang @oypx

A journey home


Directed by Ndivhuo Rasengani and Steven Piper

Director of Videography: Steven Piper @prezpipe

Production Assist:

Marielee Diaz @mariibrito , Miles Gottesman @milesgottesman ,

Jack Garland @Jackgarland

Song: Mtendere @teebs_

Dwell In the Light

An installation and performance by:

Ashley Harris @h_ashtagg and ndivhuho Rasengani @r.asengani

Sculptures by:

Ashley Harris and NdivhuHo Rasengani for socrates Sculpture Park, NY 


Coco villa @c0c0villa

Performed by: 

Ashley Harris @h_ashtagg

Coco villa @c0c0villa

Ndivhuho Rasengani

Videography and Editing:

Drew Leventhal @drew_leventhal

Song: Blood Orange

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